Michigan Carp

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Michigan Carp

Postby gary.demars1@gmail.com » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:31 am

I am new to Tenkara and had a very interesting fishing event today in Michigan... I used a new 12ft. Iwana with a 4.5 level line and 6x tippet tied to a small white pan-fish popper. I was hoping to catch some Bluegill in a pond I never fished before. The sky was cloudy and I could see some fishing rising so I thought all was well. I cast out the white popper and let it drift in the pond. The action now started – out of the deep came up a large Carp to see what was happening on the water surface. It looked at the popper slowly and I should have pulled the popper back to protect this rod, but I did not. The Carp hit the popper and I set the hook and the fight started. My Iwana rod did a full U bend as I tired to hold onto the fish. It was a no win as he could not get away, and I could not drag him in. The rod stayed up fighting the fish but the Carp eventually snapped the tippet. I held it for a while but the Carp won out on this event.

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Re: Michigan Carp

Postby rvrgzr » Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:25 am

I've caught carp on traditional Western fly fishing (with a reel) equipment, and have used both 5 wt on fish under 24" or so, and 8 wt setups on large carp, with 2 or 3x tippet. Fish have taken my line to the backing and a bit of that. Since carp tire quickly, but have a powerful initial run, you may experience difficulty in landing one over 20" on your Iwana. I've caught carp under 24" on both my Amago and Yamame, using 5x tippet. Lots of fun. But remember, the purpose of Tenkara fishing is to allow the fisherman to catch fish, usually ones under 20", with a simple setup. However, since your casting distance is limited, the approach to the fish, reading the stream, trusting the rod to stop the initial run (And if it doesn't, then the fish was to big anyway) are things that can be more complicated. Enjoy the experience. I sure do.
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