Top 5 Colors For Crappie Video

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Top 5 Colors For Crappie Video

Postby Karl Klavon » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:32 am

If you choose to watch this video, there are a couple of things I wish to point out for you to be on the lookout for: 1. I have read in a number of places that fish have a hard time telling chartreuse from white. In this video, so will you. And # 2. Please notice how well the two-tone soft baits show up in the same water color conditions, the black combination is especially easy to see.

In gin clear water I had a problem with the Green Slinky and the trout rapidly approaching the fly but having a tendency to reject it at the last instant. On the Blue and Orange Slinky's, the blue and orange Mini-Barred Ostrich Herl materials were not Fluorescent materials, but the Micro-Ultra Chenille was FL- Chartreuse and FL-Orange respectively on these Wooly Bugger fly variations. On the Green Slinky, all the materials were Fluorescent Materials, which was fine in stained/turbid waters but got many rejections in gin clear waters.

In an attempt to solve that problem, and because I had had such outstanding successes with the Shakey Beeley fly pattern, on Bass, Crappie and Bluegill, as well as Golden, Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout, I added Krystal Flash materials to the Slinky series of flies, also in the hope of overriding the too bright FL-materials of the Green Slinky. But that didn't get the desired results. So when I lost the fly box late last summer and had to retie all of my flies, I put a Black Micro-Ultra Chenille body on the Green Slinky and got one of the biggest jumps in fly pattern performance that I have ever gotten in gin clear water with out compromising the Green Slinky's performance in stained waters, much like the Two-Toned Baits that will be shown in the video below. And here it finally is:
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