Chasing down Heritage Trout in California

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Chasing down Heritage Trout in California

Postby TJ @ Tenkara USA » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:10 pm

Just arrived back from a late summer early fall vacation and for part of it I chased down a California Heritage Trout, the Goose Lake Redband.

Excited to say I ventured to a new place to camp, off grid, for a full week. Primitive campground with only a vault toilet but was like heaven to camp. During the whole 6 nights only one night did two other campers venture to where we were.

It was ccc-oooldddd. In the AM it was 27 degrees... so the wife and I were quite chilled. But I packed plenty of firewood and we often had a fire going from morning to night before we retired to R2D2, our little camper, to sleep.

We also took our almost 13 year old gimpy husky Kyra with us. He sister passed away last year and normally on trips they stayed home together and were watched by family. With her sister gone, we did not want to leave her alone so along she came. I think she had fun. She is at the stage she sleeps most the time but did spring to life when chipmunks came around and chirped like mad.

Happy to say I caught plenty of Goose Lake Redband during my stay and they are sure pretty, par marks and red bands galore.

Was a fun trip. Will leave a few pictures to speak for themselves.


*Since it is spooky October, look at these spider families I played with in the pooper. Staring down at you. Cold out and waiting to pounce on their prey! booohahahahahah
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