Loving Tenkara and my Rhodo

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Loving Tenkara and my Rhodo

Postby Fly_Tyer_Mike » Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:13 pm

A few months back I was fortunate enough to win the Tenkara USA writing contest. Since then I have been enjoying the rhodo very much. I have been testing it on all sort of fish species in my area. The largest fish I had on was a 30" plus carp. I should not have even thrown a cast at the fish but he took my mop and it was ON! I had him on for 2 minutes or so, but thankfully for my line broke. I was able to turn the fish twice so that was a surprise.

I really am enjoying the tenkara rod. My main background is in European style nymphing techniques and I've found my rhodo to be a perfect match for that style mixed with the size of streams that I fish. I have caught plenty of trout on the rod, and found the sensitivity of the rod combined with the level line, really increased my hook ups compared to my traditional fly rod and reel set ups. Right now the largest trout have been around the 12-14" mark. I haven't found any issues with landing fish of this size on the Rhodo.

I really found the rod to be perfect for panfish, and small bass. The initial hookset with bluegill and crappie feels amazing on this rod. You have to hang on once they take the fly. The make a few hard runs, and you can bring them in. I fish a smidge heavier streamer for panfish and haven't found any issues with the rhodo casting these.

I feel that I am really hooked on Tenkara... No pun intended. I enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of trout fishing with my Rhodo. I have the line holder with the little fly storage on it. It makes it really easy and fast to get set up and be on the water. This is something that I value because of my hectic life. I can just pick up my rhodo off of my front seat, unravel my line, extend the rod, and be landing fish in minutes.

I am eager to try this rod in the winter and see how this rod, and line set up does when fishing in freezing temperatures. I may look at getting a longer T-USA rod in the future and feel the SATO may be the rod for me. I really like the zoom feature.

Thanks again T-USA for having the writing contest and giving me the Rhodo. I am not 100% sure that I would have ever taken the leap into the world of tenkara without it. The rich history, combined with the effectiveness of tenkara angling has me addicted.
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