Attaching a Gear Keeper Staff Tether?

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Attaching a Gear Keeper Staff Tether?

Postby MadBadger » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:04 am

I have an inexpensive wooden hiking staff that I'll be using as a first time wading staff. I sanded the cheap finish off and applied about 5 coats of tongue oil (left over from my Tamo net handle refinishing project). Hand rubbing to a non-tacky semi-gloss between coats and drying 48 hours between coats. I looks great.

Any ideas on the best way to attach an (insert name of a competitive fly fishing gear company) Gear Keeper Staff Tether to the staff? Should I just screw in a round eyelet screw into the flat top of the staff and loop the Tether through the eyelet and through itself and be done with it? Or is there a more practical or elegant way to approach this?

Any ideas/pictures?
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