Wiconisco Creek 05-01-2010 Central PA

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Wiconisco Creek 05-01-2010 Central PA

Postby gentleshepherd » Sun May 02, 2010 3:25 am

Finally got out again with my step-son for about 3 hours.

We fished in the area of the Ned Smith Center.

The morning started out kinda of quiet, nothing rising.

Then aorund 8 I hear my first rise, then another and another. The water was still pretty cold through my waders.

I tied on a size 16 elk Hair caddis and using my Tenkara Yamame rod started casting to soome of the rising fish. Casting was a bit sloppy since it I hadn't been out much. It didn't seem to bother the fish for long, Caught 3 browns in a span of about 1 hour, missed probably 6 more more!

Then some people came and started chucking bobbers and spinners and God knows what else. Had to move.

Went further up the creek towards the park and tied in to 3 more browns. AVerage size 12-14 inches.

Had a really nice brookie on but lost him at my waders.

Looking forward to working out with my Yamame some more this summer. It was a great day 1 fly a bunch of trout(all released) and the heat of the sun was not too unbearable.

I keep forgetting my camera! Hope to remember next time.
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Re: Wiconisco Creek 05-01-2010 Central PA

Postby b_in_az » Sun May 02, 2010 8:37 pm

Sounds like a great day of fishing. I like the one fly part. I am going to try and do that this summer with my Iwana...one fly (which one depends on conditions) and work more on my presentation than constantly changing flies and blaming it on the fish.
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Re: Wiconisco Creek 05-01-2010 Central PA

Postby rsetina » Sun May 02, 2010 10:18 pm

b_in_az wrote:...constantly changing flies and blaming it on the fish.

I do that sometimes too. Your comment made me :lol: .

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