New Zealand - tenkara will work there

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New Zealand - tenkara will work there

Postby craigprice » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:51 am

just back from NZ again for a late season trip. forgive me, but I didn't take any of my tenkara rods with me. I went "light" and just took a 5wt western rod. I was a skeptic and didn't think tenkara would stand up to it with the quality, size and strength of the fish. Not always the case.

I also thought that the up close tenkara style would be totally infeasible for late season trip, as from Feb onwards, you are normally casting to fish 45 feet in front, they are so wary and the water is so crystal clear. Again, not so. My stealth technique has been renewed from 30 years ago after a season with tenkara, and in fact, I caught most fish on my 5 wt using what i'd call mostly tenkara techniques.

I fished many rivers that would have been ideal for tenkara. Sure, there's always about 4-5 fish in each stretch of a rapid that will blow you away on the tenkara (and some still will even on western gear - stopping a 15 lb brownie on a stream that's 10 foot across is nigh on impossible, and even the 5lb rainbows on a mountain river make you do the run down two rapids to land them). But there are always many more fish on the way up to the eye that are right in the tenkara slot.

I didn't believe this before, but I have to say, tenkara is a feasible way to fish many parts of many NZ rivers. My next trip, my tenkara will be with me 4 sure. I'd strongly recommend the use of the lighter 6x tippet and compressed barbs to crack off the bigger ones without harm - if you tried to play with them, you'd probably still lose them but just kill them with lactic build up in the process, which is not good form.

all the best for your impending season start,
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Re: New Zealand - tenkara will work there

Postby jeffkreager » Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:52 pm


I look forward to hearing about your adventures down under. NZ is just a place I can only dream about. Best of luck on your up coming season.


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