Want to Trade: Yamame for Ayu or Iwana

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Want to Trade: Yamame for Ayu or Iwana

Postby CreationBear » Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:58 am

My thanks to Daniel for letting me post this:

I just bought a very lightly used Yamame off another board (it was mis-listed as an Ayu) and after a few minutes on stream came to the conclusion it's just a bit too robust for the kind of fishing I do.

Does anybody have an Ayu or Iwana he'd like to trade? Since this is a "like new" rod, I'd be looking for a straight-up trade for an Iwana, with a little money going your way for an Ayu since it's more expensive. I'd pay your shipping costs to Tennessee.

If any interest, email me at barnesut263 <at> yahoo <dot> com.

Thanks! :)
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