Felt VS Tread, Who Gives A Boot?

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Felt VS Tread, Who Gives A Boot?

Postby Karl Klavon » Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:39 pm

Karl Klavon
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Re: Felt VS Tread, Who Gives A Boot?

Postby dwalker » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:26 am

Thanks Karl, Informative read.

I've an interesting story about Korkers boots. I purchased a pair of them last summer. They come with felt soles on the boots and a second pair of soles, their standard Kling-on stickly rubber soles.

Long story made short. The boots were size 14, the felt soles were already on the boots in the box when purchased + the second set of Kling-on soles. But I couldn't get the Kling-on soles to attach to the boots. After struggling to get them on for an hour I eventually noticed they were the wrong size, they were size 13.

But I was in a remote area with no plans to return home for 3 weeks. I would have to make do with the felt soles till I returned home and could go to Cables to try to resolve the problem.

The take away lesson is - If you buy wading boots with interchangeable soles before leaving the store make sure the second set are the proper size to fit the boots.

The rest of the story.
Cables was no help they said I would have to contact Korkers customer support. And Korkers was great they completely resolved the problem once the problem was explained with no cost to me. :D But in a way that seemed crazy wasteful to me. :(

I figured they would just send me the correct size Kling-on soles. Nope. They sent me a complete pair of new boots with two sets of interchangeable soles. And they had already shipped them to me before they told me what they required of me. They wanted me to destroy the boots I had by cutting out the tongues of the boots and send them a picture of proof I had destroyed them. Apparently at corporate level they deem it less expensive to send out complete replacement of the boots rather than just exchanging the incorrect size of soles.

Anyway, destroying completely good and new boots, (I'd hadn't even worn them once thinking I might have to just ask for a refund), just rubs me the wrong way as it is terribly wasteful. And I told them that. They explained they wanted the tongue cut out to prevent anyone I might give them to from placing a second claim for incorrect sized soles.

Eventually we reached an agreeable solution. :)
I melted off the size marking on the tongue, because it was not possible to cut the size tag off. And I was to see if I could find some charitable group interested in taking the boots. Such as Project Healing Waters.
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