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Neoprene gaiter sizing

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 6:57 am
by LudditeJones
For anyone who owns and uses Japanese gaiters for wet wading, can you give advise or feedback on sizing? I am looking at the Foxfire Airista Gaiters or the Daiwa Neo Gaiters. Both come in S, M, L, LL. Since exchanging things that are shipped from Japan is a bit of a hassle I would like to get the sizing correct on the first try.

The Daiwa gaiters have a sizing chart but I don't trust it. My calf measures 38cm around, that puts me just over the LL. I realize that Japanese sizing runs small compared to the US but I have a hard time believing I need the largest size. I am a small to average guy. I am 5'10" 155lb.. My pant size is 32x30.

Do you own either of these gaiters? If so, what size? What size of a person are you?

I have considered the Little Present gaiters but they come in one size and are meant to be worn over waders so I fear they may be a bit too large for wet wading. I would welcome any feedback on them as well.

Thanks for any help.