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Waders, Orvis Silver Sonic or Frogg Togg Pilot?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:39 am
by rc51kid
I didnt know exactly where to post this so i hope it s OK here. I mostly wet wade but even her in north GA it is getting a little cold for that. So i reluctantly am looking at a set of waders. Yesterday i tried on a pair of Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible waders. They are a smidge loose in the belly but other than that fit perfect. I can get them for $209 if i hurry. I dont know if i need a full wader but i think the fit is great, good quality and good warranty. It is hard to find pack weight on waders but i think these are around 36oz.

I think a wade pant might be OK for me. There is times i have been in over my wast crossing rivers or stepping in a hole. But i do try to avoid that. But i think a pant would work for the most part. They should also pack better and weigh less for hiking. So i looked at the Frogg Toggs Pilot 2 pants ON LINE. I cant try them on. They are about $100 less which is a lot but also not that much if they dont work well. I see mostly really good reviews about them but few fails. I dont see ANYTHING bad about the orvis. Also they should pack better and be lighter. But i cant find that online and honestly some times cheaper materials weight more and are bulkier. So it might be almost a wash but i dont really know. Then most importantly is the fit. I cant tell how they fit. I am small slim build, 5'6" about 133lb. Most things fit big and baggy with buldge fabric all over.

The thing about the Orvis is i know they fit well and the quality should be good.

What do you guys think?

Re: Waders, Orvis Silver Sonic or Frogg Togg Pilot?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:40 pm
by TJ @ Tenkara USA
I wet wade in summer but when it is cold, nice to have a full wader. If the Orvis fits nicely, that is all that counts, and if you like the company in question and feel the price is fair, I say go for it. Orvis is a good company from my dealings.


Re: Waders, Orvis Silver Sonic or Frogg Togg Pilot?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:07 am
by Rob Ruff
I have three sets of waders: hip, waist and chest high. The chest waders are Patagonias the waist wader is a Frogg Toggs brand the the hip waders are Chotas. Where I will wear the waders just depends on the depth of the water I think I will encounter or how cold the outside air temp it. Most of the time I'm wearing the hippers. In terms of durability especially with the so called breathable waders, well, it's a toss up. Just know that in time the waders will develop leaks, pinhole leaks being the most common, especially if you are doing alot of bushwacking. They're easy to repair however. I've had my Chotas going on three seasons now and have made quite a few repairs to them and they have seen quite a bit of mileage. I walked into a thorny brushy area and tore a pretty big gash in them above the left knee. Didn't realize until my leg was wet later in the day. That repair is over a year old and it is still waterproof. Probably one of the best repairs I have made that has held up the longest.

I've had the Frogg Toggs Pilot II pants and they worked well. I liked the reinforced areas and took a few falls with them on. Never had them fail.