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Tenkara Lesson

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:12 am
by Softouch333
Saturday January 16th a very unique event took place combining tenkara fly fishing instruction with lessons in sustainable aquaculture. About a dozen new anglers and a food cooperative representative and sustainable living authors attended. The idea was to learn about tenkara, a little history and a few casting hints, harvest fish (a black Kebari with brown hackle did best), have a cooking demonstration, and then enjoying a wonderful dinner with he owner's family. ... ods-event/

Tenkara's simplicity made teaching these beginners very easy. After a little while they were crouching at the edge of the ponds with intensity and focus. One participant even saw "a whitish bug" get taken on the surface and got the idea to match it from my fly box on his own. He thought a #16 BWO looked the best, so I tied it on and he caught a fish. Now that's getting the idea pretty quickly! Course we had our share of tangles even with furled leaders and I kept busy running back and forth helping to land fish with a boat net. Participants were not shy about watching as the fish were humanely dispatched and then cleaned too. They wanted to know more about where their food comes from. The cooking demonstration was by the owner of a food alternative farm and was actually an English language and cooking instructor in Japan for a few years. Small world.

Anyhow, great fun and glad to pass on my enthusiasm for tenkara. Anyone else out their had an experiences teaching tenkara?