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Shetland Island Fly Box

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:06 am
by Karl Klavon
There are 15 inhabited islands making up the Shetland Island group, which are part of Scotland and the United Kingdom. West of Norway and on the same parallel as St. Petersburg in Russia, they are far enough north that you could fish 24 hours a day (if you had enough stamina and desire to do so) in the summer months. Summers are generally mild but the weather is quite variable, often windy and rainy, and snow is a possibility any day in the year. The fishing these flies were tied for is in Loughs, for native and stocked brown trout, which are not the easiest of the trouts to fool and catch in lakes.

More than 100 fly patterns are photographed, with an open fly box pictured at the bottom that gives a better comparison of size and relative detail than the individual pattern photos do. Many of the patterns shown use Fluorescent Glo-Brite Floss for the Tailing material, putting the Hot-Spot at the business end of the hook rather than near the front where it is more commonly placed here. Stillwater trout mostly take flies from behind in lakes, and the Fl-tails help insure that the fish get the point. And isn’t that we all hope for? The fish getting the point of the hook.