Stand Up Paddleboard Cutthroat at Glacier National Park

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Stand Up Paddleboard Cutthroat at Glacier National Park

Postby happybecca » Sun May 25, 2014 6:04 pm

Hello! I recently had the pleasure of using my Sato rod at Bowman Lake during a solo stand up paddleboarding adventure. This was my first time actually using it on a lake, on a paddleboard, and alone in general. Very new to the whole thing and just moved to Montana. I saw tons of fish jumping so I tied on a big dry fly, my 12 ft TenkaraUSA line, bout 3-4 feet of tippet and went for it. They just ate it up and I had a really hard time keeping the fish on. I found out after losing the 6th fish (and fly!) that I was fishing schools of cutthroat. I didn't have a net, which mightve saved me some trouble. But any advice on keeping on 15+ inch cutthroat, not losing a fly, and what size line and tippet to use? I tie a triple fishermans knot with a backup.
I managed to get 1 picture!
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Re: Stand Up Paddleboard Cutthroat at Glacier National Park

Postby tsegelke » Sun May 25, 2014 9:18 pm

That size of fish with lots of running room? What adventure.

I have found that the name of the game is to turn the head of the fish. If the fish gets to keep going in one line they will eventually straighten out the rod and line, and over power your tippet. To keep the fish confused, moving in circles, and/or changing directions, I regularly change angle and tension of the rod from side to side to make the fish turn. As they tire you can bring them in.

I hope this helps you out. It has been what works for me.

Love to see some more pictures of your paddle board adventures.
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