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RIO's Loop Knot Tutorial With Breaking Strength Tests

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:03 pm
by Karl Klavon

The Bimini Twist is one of the loop knots included in this video. And while most T-anglers will see little application for such a complicated knot in their T-fishing, where there is a need to use very light tippets the Bimini Twist offers a loop knot that is a 100% knot strength knot at the tippet to line juncture and an amazing amount of stretch in the knot itself that will give far greater tippet protection than any other knot can offer. Please take a look.

And here is another video showing a slightly different tying technique and the knot's shock absorbing abilities, which is considerably greater with lighter pound test tippets. Also, the beginning loop does not need to be nearly as big as these videos show. I have tied Bimini Twists with 8X tippet with a loop less than 4 inches long.