Best Fishing Knots Of All Time - Ranked Strong To Weak

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Best Fishing Knots Of All Time - Ranked Strong To Weak

Postby Karl Klavon » Mon May 07, 2018 11:06 am

This is quite an extensive article with the latest testing available that I know of, giving the Pros and Cons of each individual knot under its respective tested ranking, but you may not want to read this whole article. If not, just scroll on down to the part/s you are interested in, which are toward the bottom of the piece I believe. Clicking on the light blue headings will open up even more information on your chosen topic area.

Most fly anglers want the strongest knot that they can tie at the fly, which I believe is a mistaken strategy to use. Here is why: If the Tippet-to-Fly Knot is stronger than the Line-to-Tippet Knot when you get a break-off do to fish or snag, you will loose the fish, your fly, and your tippet as well. To minimize tackle fiddling and maximize more successful fishing time, knots should be thought of as a system, with each step-down in the system made up of a slightly weaker link in the chain of knots you are using than the knot that preceded it, which will minimize your losses and expenses, and maximize your sporting enjoyment in my view.

Generally speaking the fly-to tippet knot is stressed the most by casting and in fishing, so it will probably break first in most cases. But if you use the same knot throughout your entire tackle system and get a snag before the fly-to-tippet knot has sufficiently weakened, you will have no control over where the break will occur, which is the reason, I believe, for many of the unexplained knot/tackle failures at the tippet to line juncture in stead of being at the fly, where we would generally expect it to occur....Karl.
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