Machine Tested % Breaking Strengths Of Popular Knots

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Machine Tested % Breaking Strengths Of Popular Knots

Postby Karl Klavon » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:11 pm

%s Of Machine Tested Popular Fishing Knot Strengths

100% - The Palmor Knot. The Quick Penny Knot is not tested but 100 % knot strength is claimed. The main claim to fame for the Penny knot is that it can be tied in the dark and it is a popular saltwater knot, which is similar to the Eugene Bend knot.

99% - The Trilene Knot. Actually this is also a 100 % knot ( which means the line does not necessarily break at the knot), but the Palmor knot beat it every time in testing with super light weight tippets.

95% – The Perfection Loop.

92% - The Turle Knot – best when applied to Up-Eye style hooks.

89% - The Clinch Knot.

80% - The Perfect No-Slip or the Canoe Man Loop Knots, and the No-Slip Mono Loop Knots of various other types with differing wrap numbers for different line thicknesses.

78% - The Improved Blood Knot and the Double Surgeon’s loop knots. Here is an example where the Improved actually is a true improvement, which it is not always the case. The Seaguar Knot is a tying variation on tying a Double Surgeon’s knot that seems to produce a more streamlined knot than the usual way of tying a Double Surgeon’s Knot does.

76% - The Horner Rhodes/Eugene Bend Knot.

73% - The Davey Knot.

68% - The Blood Knot.

66% - The Improved Clench Knot and the Uni-Jam Knots.

No Breaking Strength Data Found From Berkley or RIO For :

No breaking strength data was found on the Ishigaki/One Knot, the Kryston No-Slip Loop Knot (the main advantage to which is that the loop the hook eye rides on is adjustable prior to tightening, and the finishing half hitch points the tag end of the line down, making debris less likely to snag on this knot and easier to clean off), and strangely enough for the Double Davey Knot as well. But I know for a fact that the Double Davey Knot is considerably stronger than the plain Davey Knot is on larger hook sizes.

Although hand tested, Teton Tenkara's Knot Test Video came up with 70% break strength for the Double Davey Knot and 69% for the Ishigaki Knot, respectively 3.50 and 3.49 Lbs.
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