Pitzen Knot, aka 16 -20 , or Eugene Bend

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Pitzen Knot, aka 16 -20 , or Eugene Bend

Postby dwalker » Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:08 pm

I have been aware of a knot called the San Diego Jam knot, aka the Reverse Clinch knot, for a while. It is used for braided lines used in salt water fishing. Recently I became aware of a related or similarly tied knot that has it roots in fly fishing. This knot seems to have been independently discovered by different people and it is therefore known by different names. Pitzen, Eugen Bend and 16 - 20 knot. You can read about its different name credits and how to tie it here. It is claimed to retain 95% breaking strength.


Here is a 1:11 video showing how the 16 -20 knot is tied by a fly fishing guide at Taos Fly Shop who ties it quickly and simply using hemostats.

I find it takes a little practice to get the knot to tighten correctly. I prefer to make 4 turns rather than 3. And that is it better to slide the knot toward the hook eye before tightening it as it grabs onto the standing part of the tippet tightly. If tightened and then slide toward the hook eye it will stretch the tippet, leaving it curly and probably weakened over a 2 inch lenght. The tag end should stick out at 90˚ when tightened correctly. When practicing look at the knot with a triplet loupe, if your eyes have several decades of use, to see you have 3 or 4 wraps touching and tag at 90˚. To tighten pull on the standing part of the tippet and the hook. As always best to moisten the knot before tightening it.

You can find other ways to tie this knot by searching for it under the different names. It is actually pretty easy to tie just with your fingers too.

For reference here is the San Diego Jam knot.

I haven't fished with it yet. However, one knot is a boring thing for a guy who studies knots. I think it worth giving a try on the stream. And this section of the forum could use some new activity. :roll:

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Re: Pitzen Knot, aka 16 -20 , or Eugene Bend

Postby Chiseler » Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:21 am

Thanks for info on the knot,there's a knot to practice for Christmas
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