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The Ultimate Tenkara Line For Windy Conditions

PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:46 am
by Karl Klavon

Titanium Leader Material has been available for years now but most of what has been on the market was too big in diameter (and too heavy in their pound test ratings) to fish well for tenkara fishing, which the above linked to article explains very well.

I am posting this information again here, separately, because it would have been lost under the title of the preceding post and deserves its own airing with these qualifications: Since I mostly fish stillwaters with my Titanium T-line, I didn't invest in the Braided/Line/Indicator sections that Esoteric Tackle also markets as a part of their Titanium Line system, but I can see where the indicator braid sections would really be useful for fishing in running waters as the Ti-Line is nearly invisible.

In my stillwater fly fishing, it is mostly Spot-and-Stalk angling, so you often see the fish take the fly and the lack of line visibility isn't really that big of an issue. And even if you can not see the take of the fish to the fly under windy conditions, it is usually felt through the line and rod with this no stretch, highly sensitive line. So I use a fairly short tapered fluorocarbon leader in my fishing, consisting of : 24" of size 2.5 FC. level Sanyo Stealth T-line; 18" of 8 Lb. test Cabella's No-Vis FC. Spinning Line, and 3 feet of the 5X FC. Tippet material, and the presentations are not particularly gentile. But, with practice, they can be made more so. In windy conditions, fishing subsurface flies, some splash in fly presentation usually isn't all that objectionable, and certainly better than not being able to fish at all....Karl..