Using traditional line on tenkara

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Using traditional line on tenkara

Postby Relek » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:07 am


I'm new to tenkara and so fare I'm loving it. Carrying , set up and breakdown are why I love it.

My question is can use traditional mono filament line from my old fly rod or do I have to stick with the lines that are specifically sold for tenkara fishing. I'm a fairly causal fisher and dont get out as much as id like anymore. So im probably
only going to be only using my tenkara rod from now on, and Id hate to see the old line go to waste.

Sorry if this is a re post of the question but I couldn't find it.

Thank you
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Re: Using traditional line on tenkara

Postby dwalker » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:38 am

Relek wrote:Hi,
I'm new to tenkara ...
My question is can use traditional mono filament line from my old fly rod or do I have to stick with the lines that are specifically sold for tenkara fishing. ...

Sure, you can use just about anything you want to use, assuming the line you choose is compatible with the rod you have. Some rods like heavier line, other rods work better with lighter lines.

It would be helpful if you were more specific about what line you have, and what rod.

A mono line of about 12 - 15# test should be ok. Beyond that here are some examples of other types of western fly line that people use.

In this old post (2006) Mr. Sebata Yuzo recommends beginners use 30# running line 「ランニングライン」and after improving your casting skill, 20#. In the example line shown at the bottom of the following web page the line is made from 4 meters of shooting line, with a tip section of .5m of No 4 fluorocarbon line. No 4 fc line is about 16# test line. or .330mm in diameter (.013 inch) line. This would be a type of tapered line because of the FC tip. ( note it was a line he recommended for people who lacked the skill to make their own furled lines, that line shown at the top is one of his self made tapered line, Mr Sebata is a tapered line guy)

[note- that particular Kencraft line is no longer made. But Kencraft still makes fly line. Only it is sold under the Airflo name in the USA. In the USA the Kencraft name is owned by the boat company. But the same Airflo line is sold in Europe with the Kencraft name]

At the next link, an interview of Kazuya Shimoda, he states his preference of line this way;

"The line I have adopted through trial and error has good visibility and is smooth, works well in wind and is a durable. Made in US shooting line 0.31sl. A rod of 3.9m, line of 5m and hackle (I'm sure here it should say tippet, not hackle, a mis-translation of harisu (ハリス) a Japanese name for tippet) of 1.5-2m is my standard setup. This length will be adjusted according to the particular stream size and its conditions. If it is calm stream condition, I sometimes use a fluorocarbon level line with the same rod."

Mr Keigu Horie, who passed away a couple of years ago, used this line:
"Casting Line: Western fly fishing lines 3.3m~7.0m plus tippet"

While most people use FC level lines or even Nylon level line or nylon tapered line, such as sold by TUSA. There are many people, Japanese Tenkara Masters, who preferred to use western fly fishing type lines. In time you may prefer to switch to a lighter tenkara FC level line, it's easier to hold the line off the water, a good thing to not spook the fish.

Hope that helped.

Tenkara is fundamental fishing fun
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