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new to tenkara (need help)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:18 pm
by nimrod4400
hi new to tenkara fishing and fly fishing in general (I need help setting up)

I purchased this odd telescopic rod from ebay. I'm very confused with the set up. Thus found your site on the internet.
I need help on setting the rod up
eg what line/lines flys and any information you can provide would be well appreciated.

A manual or guide of sorts would be great full (I have watch the videos on the site. looks cool cant wait to start fishing)

A store locater for retail sales so I can purchase other products.

any help would of great assistance.
Thank You.
see on the river

Re: new to tenkara (need help)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:30 am
by CM_Stewart
Unfortunately, it will be very hard to help you with lines. To a large extent, it is good to match the line to the rod but there is no way to know what kind of rod you have and there is unlikely to be anyone on the forum that has one like it (even if you could give us the manufacturer, model number, length etc. etc.)

If it is in fact a tenkara rod, I would suggest about a size 4 level line. See if that works and if it doesn't then you would have an idea if you have to go heavier or lighter.

Along with the size 4 line as "standard," use about 4' of 5X tippet and a size 12 or 14 wet fly. Keep the rod tip high and the line off the water.

Most questions will be answered if you dig in the "About Tenkara" section of this site, read through the forum here, or look over on Other than that, all I could say is it would be easier to answer specific questions.

For the store locator, click the Dealers tab on the upper right hand corner.