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Looking for Tips for Tenkara Fishing in Victoria

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:24 pm
by k3n1s

I am new with this Tenkara style fly fishing, but am a keen angler using spinning gear. After being introduced and trying to have a few go with my cousin's Tenkara fly rod, I became interested to get into it!

I've been looking at this website and other tenkara website, and last night decided to buy Iwana 12" based on other users' experience and my application. When it arrives, I would need to practice my "beginner" casting method and put it into practice.

Is there anyone who lives in Melbourne metropolitan area that can give me some tips and pointers? I can easily access the videos on this website and youtube, but will need a bit more to practice it on real fishing experience. For example, tips on what line to use, fly, and especially places to go and spots where to find fish.

It would be great to find someone who's been going through these before and have the same passion in Tenkara fishing!