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Rod maintenance

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 4:30 am
by Wupperfischer
Some hints from my site to the issue of rod maintenance for telecopic rods. Due to the fact that the most of the flyfisher don´t deal very often with telecopic rods there are some facts to consider:

Avoid to push the rod together in wet conditions. Under normal conditions it takes very, very long to dry the rod inside. I carry a small soft cloth with me with which I whip the rod before I push it together. Start from the handle and finish at the tip. So you avoid to push water or dirt into the connection. Sand or other small parts are the death for the telescopic connections.
Maybe Daniel will sell his rods with a small maintenance cloth?

To reduce the adhesion of water and dirt I prepare my rod at irregular intervals with car wax. The water rolls off very easy after this wax conditioning. The lotus effect which some of this products have is wonderfull.

If you can´t push two parts together never ever buckle the rod. The danger of a damage at the endparts is quit high. The better way is to hold the rod with two hands quiet near to the connection and then try to push them together with a little twist. If this doesn´t work use a hairdryer to heat the connection and then try it again.

If the rod is wet inside remove the endcap and extract the single rodparts. Clean the outside with a cloth. The next step is to dry the inside: The slow way, let them air-dry; the fast way, dry them with a hairdryer. Because the rodparts are already apart you can clean the inside with flowing water before drying. Built the rod together when it is totally dry outside as well inside.