Tenkara Ontario?

Re: Tenkara Ontario?

Postby liamrf » Sat May 07, 2016 10:00 pm

I'm from southern Ontario, about an hour and a half from Toronto. I have a lot of family involved in fly fishing and find Tenkara really interesting. I've been researching it for several months and am planning to get a rod this summer. Welcome to the forum, I hope we can get this Ontario thread going, a meet-up would be really cool to plan sometime.
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Re: Tenkara Ontario?

Postby Jefflow » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:20 am

Hi to Ontario tenkara fishers

I think I am the only one here in the northwestern part of the province ( Kenora ) doing the Tenkara style.
Bought first rod in 2018 and now own 2. Have fished locally for stocked trout (rainbows brooks) and crappies.
Headed out to Alberta in September and had a blast on the Crowsnest Livingston and Racehorse. Had fished these before with "western" fly rods. But have to say it was a lot more fun doing them the Tenkara rod.
Actually had a fellow that was western fly fishing ask me all about the rod and what I was doing. He was really impressed with the rod and the way to fish after I let him try it, didn't think he would give it back. Maybe another convert.

Would be great to hear more of Ontario Tenkara.

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