Some states define fly-fishing as using a "fly-rod, fly-reel and flies". The use of a reel should not be a defining aspect of fly-fishing.
This forum is a place to share information about how certain states define "fly-fishing" for the purpose of "fly-fishing only" waters. And, if you contact a state for clarification, how would they treat tenkara? (e.g. Connecticut defines fly-fishing as using "fly-reel", one of our users, Mr. Hackney, contacted the Connecticut authority for clarification, and they said Tenkara IS fly-fishing, see more in first post).


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Tenkara is officially legal in Connnecticut. Thanks to tenkara enthusiast, Mr. Hackney, who contacted the fishing authority in the state, the regulations have been clarified not to require a "fly-reel".

From: "Hyatt, William" <>
Date: June 29, 2009 5:07:57 PM EDT

We’ve discussed your question and have concluded that the Tenkara technique is a legal method of fly fishing in CT waters.
It is true that this method does not meet the definition of fly fishing if one interprets “fly reel” to be limited to commercially sold products. However, “fly reel” was included in the definition of fly fishing specifically to prevent anglers from using spinning reels in fly-only areas. As such, it seems that the simple method you described meets the intent of the regulation (i.e. does not employ spin-fishing technology to make it easier to cast a fly) and is therefore legal.
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