Sling Packs

What are the other ESSENTIAL pieces of equipment you carry with you? How do you pack? How do you hold your gear while fishing? Fly boxes? Snips? you tell us.

Sling Packs

Postby BrianMiller » Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:44 pm

I like sling packs because everything is out of the way until I need it. I use this 15 liter 2015-2017 version of the PAS sling pack as a replacement for my 7 liter 2012-2014 PAS; now pretty much relegated to western fly fishing saltwater beaches.

There are some things I really like, a couple of small issues that I've learned how to work with, and one issue on both versions that I am really struggling with.

I absolutely love having a pocket on the strap for keeping my hemo-scissors secured so they don't foul my fly line and I have unobstructed vision of the streambed at my feet. The hemos are right there when I need to unhook a fish without slinging the pack around to get at the hemo pocket like you do for the 2018 version.

I often log my trip data with an Android fishing app and like the larger "phone pocket" conveniently on the shoulder strap so I can quickly snap a photo of fish in my tamo with a measure net bag before releasing and enter catch data without slinging the pack around.

I like the larger size PAS to be able to carry a rain jacket and my Korkers bar soles while I hike in the non-studded Kling-On soles on longer approaches to fish high-remote streams.

I like having the rod straps to carry a Tenkara rod on a long hike in, and even a second Tenkara rod when I think that conditions warrant. However I sewed a small fold over at the free end of both straps so they can't accidentally slip through the cam buckle and get lost. Also I threaded a neoprene drink bottle koozie with belt loops onto the straps to provide a more secure rod "pouch" and a little protection.

When I sling the pack around to get into the front fly pocket to change flies or rigs, the hemo-scissors are behind me. I found a Walton's Thumb multi-tool on a short shock cord lanyard fits securely into the little hypalon sleeve next to the water bottle pocket and is convenient when the pack is out front.

The thing that gets me is the position of the net keeper D ring over my right shoulder. I cast right(-reel left) so I use my left hand to hold the net when landing a fish. The net naturally gravitates to the right and I can't easily reach back to grab it with my left hand. That's especially annoying when hand-lining in a big struggling fish on a Tenkara rod. If I stick handle of my longer handled tamo-net inside my wading belt on my left hip, the net tends to get fouled up on the pack. I could probably ditch the big tamo and buy a shorter folding net to put on my wading belt but I like the long handle to easily reach the fish. Thoughts on how to overcome this issue?
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