pre-rigged fly holder?

What are the other ESSENTIAL pieces of equipment you carry with you? How do you pack? How do you hold your gear while fishing? Fly boxes? Snips? you tell us.

pre-rigged fly holder?

Postby pfeilgm » Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:21 pm

I like to pre-rig my flies at home so I can quickly loop-to-loop them while I’m fishing, but while I’ve jury-rigged some ways to hold them, I was thinking it’d be nice to have something like the Tackle Buddy ... 699708.uts – wondering if anyone uses one, or has any alternative recommendations.

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Re: pre-rigged fly holder?

Postby dwalker » Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:08 pm

* Cabela's Tackle Buddy Spinner Holder

When I first started Tenkara fishing I had a hard time threading the tippet into the hook eye and pursued the same idea for a while. I made a card from thin EVA foam to hold pre-tied tippet leaders for loop to loop connection. I tried narrow rectangular holders with a v-notch on each end that only held one leader, and also tried wider sheets that would hold four leaders. The advantage was they stored flat.

But after a time I settled on a knot I liked, learned how to tie them by feel rather than sight, and stopped using them because I found it was faster to just tie a new fly onto the end of the tippet. And I seldom change flies while fishing. Only if I loose one or I've tied some new fly and I want to see if the fish will take them.

That being said the Tackle Buddy looks like it could be as good a solution as you will easily find.
A fly fishing leader wallet with zip lock bags attached to the spine, might work for you.
Sabiki rig storage products are readily available that could be adapted that also might work.

The Japanese make a lot of interesting tackle storage products.

Some people have ordered :
Yamawa-haste spool 70/130/160 (the edges are foam to hold hooks)

12/27/2016 update - it looks like Yamawa has removed them from their website, but they can still be found from other online sources:


You can find other ideas that you might be able to make or order. By doing a google search for:
釣り 仕掛けの収納 ( = Fishing Tackle Storage)
自作・釣り 仕掛けの収納 ( = self made fishing tackle storage )

* as an aside - I heard last week that Cabela's has been purchased by Bass Pro. Though it appears the chain will continue on with the Cabela's name.

Anyway, maybe some of those ideas will appeal to you. Welcome to the Tenkara World. Good luck.


Or you might consider something like these Daiichiseiko spools sheets. Other similar products linked at the bottom of the page. Such as spool sheets that come in a case to hold them.
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