Tenkara - slight variation

Tenkara - slight variation

Postby johnlaudenslager » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:08 am

If you are dedicated to semi traditional Tenkara, read no further, because you are probably dedicated to unweighted flies. However, this link describes an extremely effective way of fishing that could be done better with a tenkara rod.


OK. 'Czech' nymphing, and describing an old version that uses heavy nymphs. But later 'euro-comp' fishermen, including the Czechs, have found that lighter flies often work as well or better, if tied not only sparsely but with tungsten beads, and presented on long, light (5X-7X) tippet. Normal tenkara rods don't have stiff enough tips for nymphing? That was arguably true with really heavy flies. Modern euro-comp preferred rods have relatively soft tips, to cast a line/leader much like what tenkara fishers use, often with size 16-14 flies with 2.4mm-2.7mm tungsten beads such as you could, and I routinely do, use effectively with almost any tenkara rod. And, your rod is probably already a very effective length.
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