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Postby Karl Klavon » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:57 am

On November 16th, 2019, John and I went up to his pond to give it a try in the evening. We fished from 4:30 to 5;30 PM, with the sun already behind the ridge when we started fishing to some surface working fish. John chose to fish with the Well-Hung Foam Spider pattern, even though I had cautioned him that the size #13 hook it was tied on would be too big to catch most of the fish we were fishing to. His results were 20 rises to the pattern on the surface, with 3 small bluegill being hooked, landed, and released. We release all of John's fish.

I fished an FL-Orange Tag, #14, Sheeps Creek Pattern, for 13 small bluegill (including one better than palm sized big one that pulled so hard I thought it was a bass) and one Golden Shiner. Although I hooked and landed more fish than John did due to the smaller hook and fly size I fished, he got considerably more fish attention and action with the Spider pattern on the surface than I did on my more deeply fished fly pattern, which he was quite pleased with after going to the trouble of tying up a bunch of the Well-Hung Foam Spider Patterns and putting them into his fly box.

In the 10 days that had elapsed since our previous fishing trip there, the water temperature had dropped nearly 20 degrees to 63*, with an algae bloom still in development but less prominent than it was before, and the water having an over all yellow/green coloration to it. Of course the back-light lighting conditions caused the cream colorto dissappear in the reflected light, but the opacity of the foam showed up quite well as a dark silhouette, out on the silver water's surface that John found quite easy to see in the growing darkness. And as usual John quit fishing before I did, so he and the Foam Spider got a lot more action in a considerably shorter period of time than my Sheeps Creek pattern did for me. We both fished 3.9 meter long rods, with floating PVC fly T-lines and tapered leaders, both using 3 Ft., 5X FC. tippets.

With John following me in fishing around the pond, and him fishing the same water that I had fished just ahead of him, I believe John was fishing under a considerable dis-advantage as the pond had just been fished a head of him. The Well-Hung Foam Spider pattern more than held its own on that evening in those conditions. I believe it has the potential to do the same for you....Karl.
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