Black Is Where Its At If You Want To Catch Lots Of Fish

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Black Is Where Its At If You Want To Catch Lots Of Fish

Postby Karl Klavon » Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:13 pm

Black Fly Pattern Under Representation:

Out of curiosity, I went through all the fly patterns pictured in The Fly Shop’s 2019 Catalog the other day and counted them – there were 735 fly patterns by my count, but I may have missed a few here or there. Out of all the different fly pattern types photographed, there were only 26 patterns that could be called all black flies. And there were another 56 fly patterns that could be called mostly black flies, meaning the pattern’s black fly tying materials made up more than 50 percent of the fly’s total tying materials. In total, more or less black fly patterns made up less than 12 percent of all the fly patterns pictured in that catalog, which I believe is pretty representative for the whole fly fishing industry. If anything black fly patterns are being seriously under represented in the fly stocks carried by the vendors selling them and in angler’s fly boxes, especially considering how well mostly black flies catch fish under many varied conditions and in very challenging situations.

Six Conditions Under Which Black Fly Tying Materials Work Especially Well:

1. The first condition where Black materials really shine is under sunny skies with clear and warm water. 2. Black materials also do especially well under turbid and or stained water conditions, during sunny, rainy, and windy weather - you name it. 3. In green colored waters, and under sunny skies again, black is one of the most visible fly colors the fish can see in those short-range visibility conditions. 4. In Gin-Clear water, go black and small. 5. In low light conditions, in any watercolor, go black and big. And #6. Black will show up against the shy better than any other color can, especially at night, so black is a very effective color to use on the underside of surface fishing flies.

How Many Mostly To All Black Flies Do You Have In Your Fly Box?

Only you can answer that question. But if it isn’t at least a few, you really ought to give some mostly to all black flies a good try, for both surface and subsurface fishing. What do you have to loose? Nothing, and you may have much better catch rates to gain.
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