Elk River, Colorado

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Elk River, Colorado

Postby Anthony » Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:40 am

While in Colorado this August I hit the Elk River (trib. to the Yampa) with the Tenkara. I have to admit that I didn't use the trad tenkara flies but opted for a big stimi. They fish were smackin' the stimi pretty good. I also had some fish on a foam grasshopper bigger than a humming-bird, but I lost the fly - so I can't show a pic. I did fish the Stagecoach tailwater of the Yampa - but I left the tenkara behind. I just didn't have the confidence that I could land those monster 'bows. I was tempted but images of a shattered Ebisu danced in my head.

The Elk was just a beautiful Tenkara destination, as you can see in the picture (note non-tenkara fly fisherman in picture). It has beautiful deep pocket water, and on this trip very willing cutthroat, brookies and browns. Just don't forget your wading staff - those slippery round stones and swift current can be difficult to wade at best.
elk river cut.JPG
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elk river.JPG
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