Excited like a little kid again to go fishing!

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Excited like a little kid again to go fishing!

Postby TJ @ Tenkara USA » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:24 pm

So, my story..... last time I fished was in the 70s as a young one. Now advance and I am in my mid 40s and been exploring fishing. Last year visited Cabelas in Reno Nevada for the heck of it and they had a free fly casting day. Wife and I did it and enjoyed. So, since then been buying goods to go fishing. Now have my 1st fish license I get to use for the next few months until years end. Heading out next week for a long camping trip and will finally fish. Should be fun while at the same time having bees in my stomach since I have not fished since being a little kid and all this will be new to me once again.

I am a bit torn whether I will do just Tenkara or also western Fly Fishing with reel, etc.... I have the gear for both. Part of me wants to just do one or the other so I don't get all messed up in my head and casting technique but the other part will bring all equipment, have at it, and see what happens. :lol:

I will for sure start out with Tenkara as it has REALLY caught my attention. But, I have other nice Fly Fishing equipment that all wants some time so we will see what happens. I will let you all know how my 1st "any form of fishing trip since the 1970s" goes once I get back. If I catch fish, great!. If not, the trip is my destination so what comes comes and we will be happy just to be in the thick of it.


*As a side note, how cool I get to do the SF Tenkara Seminar this weekend so can see all sorts of good Tenkara info before I hit the water. :D
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Re: Excited like a little kid again to go fishing!

Postby Stan Wright » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:37 pm

Be sure to give us a roport ong the seminar... wish I could go to one.

I have all kinds of fishing takle... salt water to freshwater, conventional, spinning, fly, and now Tenkara. Each has it's place... but the bottom line is fun. So go for it..... Tenkara is fun.

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