Eagle Cap Iwana

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Eagle Cap Iwana

Postby tnitz » Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:02 pm

Will have to try this in future. This isn't far from trailhead.
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Beyond Tenkara Country?
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Hiked up into the Eagle Cap WIlderness this weekend to fish Hurricane Creek tenkara-style. I've been getting so hungry looking at these posts http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~jf3t-sgwr/ that I wanted to do something similar. Hurricane Creek most reminds me of a mountain stream in Japan that I thought it would be a pretty close substitute.

Will try posting some images, but admittedly my photos really do not show the water well. I have to learn how to better photograph water so it shows what I see. There is such great looking and varied water all the way up that I got really excited hiking in. And for those that don't want to hike in, there's very similar water you can drive to before you enter the wilderness or even within a couple miles of the trailhead.

Unfortunately, I really didn't find much fish in the stream. Actually none until I hit a meadow further up. I spooked a couple brookies and then came to a fairly good pool where I landed three, two of which I kept for dinner. Salted and grilled, they were like butter. So very very good.

A little too obvious and easy, but..
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I didn't have a stream thermometer with me so I really don't know what the story is on the rest of the creek. Whether it's just too plain cold or too fast or too exposed, I don't know. The fly shop owner actually though it might have heavy pressure, but while the trail is heavily used (at least the first five miles) I really didn't see evidence of alot of fishing having gone on. No broken brush, no human prints, nothing that really suggested human traffic along the stream.

There are some sections of water over granite, very pretty but not habitat, others where the river slows down a bit and is more of a typical trout stream with gravel, sand, and cobble bottom, and others where there is fast water falling from pool to pool with lots of great structure. I simply didn't find the fish.

Anyway, my goal was truly dinner and I got that. Sunday AM my boots were frozen solid and while I waited until the sun finally hit the canyon floor before I got out of bed, it was still 30 degrees F then, so it must have been in the 20's during the night. Hiking up on Friday, it was in the 80's and my hat was so salted that a chipmunk at it that night. Now it's a true fishing hat, I guess.

I can't find anything written on Hurricane Creek so really don't know the fish situation. There's brookies up where I was and a very long fast falls a few miles above where I camped. Up another 5 miles or so you will find high mountain lakes that are apparently full of brook trout (that wasn't my intention so I didn't go up there). I also don't know anyone that routinely fishes it to ask. The local fly shop owner did used to go backpacking up there as a kid, maybe 30 years ago and remembers bringing dozens of fish back down on the last day, but most of those were out of the lakes and down the Wallowa River headwaters. He's not sure if he got much fish out of Hurricane Creek - he just doesn't remember.

Anyway, Eagle Cap iwana on my Iwana. A very pleasant trip.
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