Out fished by a 12 year old... pic

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Out fished by a 12 year old... pic

Postby bennett » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:06 pm

Yesterday I went with a friend to fish a reservoir in Utah for tiger trout.
As soon as I got there it started to rain. We have not had rain for weeks , so on Que
as usual as I was pulling out the Tenkara Amago the rain came down.
I only fished for a short time and headed for some beaver ponds I knew of about 7 miles away.
The Beaver ponds had a few fish rising but the water was murky and still raining so we headed home.
On the way home I spotted a kid on a small bike with a large fish hanging off to one side. I thought...probably a carp since there was no river nearby.
As I passed him I saw the unmistakable spots of brown, I flipped a u turn and caught up with him and asked him if he had just caught it. He said yes as blood was still dripping from the gills. He said he had caught 4 that day and was headed home.
I asked where he caught these fish and it was basically a ditch this time of year. I drove by the ditch and there was very little water as the farmers probably pull off most of the water off of it.

Anyway I was sad to see the fish not released but glad to see a kid out fishing instead of playing xbox or some video game.

Tenkara = 0 Zebco = 1 ................ he was using a artificial lure btw
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Re: Out fished by a 12 year old... pic

Postby Starlo » Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:53 pm

Go the kid on the bike! Isn't that a great thing to see? And I wouldn't stress too much about the kill-and-grill factor. Sometimes I think we become a little too precious about catch-and-release. You mentioned the kid caught four, so maybe he released the other three? And besides, if farmers are extracting water from the "ditch", do the fish have a guaranteed future? In my humble opinion, the joy a kid got from taking that fish and putting it on the family table far outweighs the loss of one non-native sportfish from your waterways...
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Re: Out fished by a 12 year old... pic

Postby rsetina » Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:13 pm

That's one beautiful brown. Too bad he couldn't have put him back but from the sounds of the low water level and that the fish was bleeding from the gills it probably wouldn't have lived anyway. I too am glad to read he was out working the water vs. playing games on the tv.

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