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Tenkara fishing in Japan

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:09 am
by EdReardon
Hello, I am a life long "western" fresh and saltwater fly fishing guy . I am very interested in trying Tenkara. I will be in Japan this November. I was hoping for some advice about fishing in Japan that time of the year. Lots of info on the internet but as most things in the cyber world... lots of conflicting opinions. What a great opportunity to try Tenkara were it all started!

Update - Back from Japan. Unfortunately work got in the way of fishing. I did find the time to visit the Sansui shop in Shibuya. (Thanks Daniel for the directions) The manager, Gen Shirakawa, shared a ton of information about when and where to fish. I will be going back to Japan some time in March or April for an extended trip. I will definitely find a weekend to get out on the water.