Large Rainbow with Ayu Rod

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Re: Large Rainbow with Ayu Rod

Postby dwalker » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:29 am

Or the Davy knot. Invented by UK fly fisher Davy Wooten. Easy to tie, even by the sight challenged like me, and 85 - 90 % strength of un-knotted line strength according to F&S. ... o?photo=10

two videos showing different ways to tie the same knot. ... re=related
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Re: Large Rainbow with Ayu Rod

Postby rvrgzr » Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:12 am

Don't feel so bad, Daniel. Sometimes the hook simply pulls out of the fish's mouth. I've had that happen more than once.

That is a beautiful trout. Congrats.
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