This what is working for me...but why???

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This what is working for me...but why???

Postby rc51kid » Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:43 pm

I am a novice to fishing and tenkara. Last season was the first season that i caught a few real fish. Big for me was 6-8 brook abd brown trout. I cought them end of season mostly with a kabari "grave digger" style on my shadowfire 360.

This year started off super slow. I just wasnt getting anything. Many of the smaller streams here in may early june are still full of sbow melt and cold. Will that slow the fishing?

I was not getting anywhere with the "grave digger" kabari. I thought i would try "sinking" the kabari and see if it helped. It did and i started getting a few fish. I first had good luck with a kabari styled after a "copper john" with a lot of copper behind the feather. I dont know if it helped it sink or made it more visable in the swollen creeks.

Today it really picked up and i had a great day cathing some of my best fish yet. It was a bigger river but still moving very rapidly. I would find pools and drop the fly on the edge or seam of current. I dont know if that is right but it worked.

I still feel like is was getting them all way under the water, not on the surface.

All there flies i used had copper on them. Again i dont know if it was the weight or the color. At first i used kabari i have black head,feather, darkish fluffy body and white tail wrapped in just a twist of copper wire. I think i did the best with this but lost it after a while. I tried the copper john, red head, feather, black bidy and heavy copper tail. Worked great until i lost it also. Then i tried a non tenkara fly. Brass bead head no real "hair" brass colored body with a few hairs out the back. Is it a nymph? Cought a few NICE fish with it incliding my biggest of the day. A FAT 12-14" brown trout.

Today was a great day but i do have a lot of days with almost no activity. I think the river was perfect today. Often i fish a smaller creek down the road that is much calmer. I might only catch one or two fish in a few hours. But i ussualy go after work like from 7-9pm and fish until it gets dark and cold. Do the fish get less active or have a hard time seeing the fly late in the day?

Anyway, any advice or critique of what i am doing would be great!
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