bass in Pueblo Reservoir

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bass in Pueblo Reservoir

Postby jbenenson » Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:12 pm

I went to Pueblo CO last week for one of our annual mini-vacations: my wife competed in a 5-day quarter horse show; I fished one day and was her groom and coach for the rest.

The guide picked me up at 4:15 AM and we were on the water before 5. There wasn't much action until the sun came up. We began to fish for carp with a 7-wt outfit but couldn't interest any of them. When we gave up that endeavor I assembled my Yamame; the guide was wide-eyed and curious. He tied on a black feather jig fly (weighted head, bugger-like body) to the tippet and off we went into the structure. Do you want to guess what happened before reading more?

It was like these bass (largemouth and smallmouth) had been waiting all their lives for such an offering. Most of the time I cast the fly, then jiggled the limber tip (only) to animate the fly. Those fish that were still on the beds did their best to destroy the invader immediately, others were slightly more curious. It was a lot of fun catching one bass after another, especially in the clear water where one could witness the entire drama. One of the bass was a 12" smallmouth; I handed the Yamame to the guide to play and land it. He went bananas! :P I coached him by telling him to let the rod tire the fish. At the end of the fight he wanted to know how to land it. My response was to land it the same way he landed any fish with 12 ft. of line out: grab the line, get a hold of the fish, remove the barbless hook, and release it. Needless to say, we both used the Yamame for the rest of the day and he has become a tenkara convert.

He said that we should try for carp again in July and/or August. I'm not sure how the Yamame will stand up to a 15 lb. carp that means business, but...

Stay tuned!
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