Monsters in Mammoth

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Monsters in Mammoth

Postby Lightworker » Wed May 26, 2010 5:32 pm

So, I think I am oficially a Tenkara addict and am hereto admit "I have a problem"

That being said
After fishing the South fork of the American for 3 days early last week
I had the opertunity to finish off the week of fishing with a trip to Mammoth lakes ca
for a day of fishing and hotspring soaking.

I love the area and have camped ther many times to visit the hot springs to soak for a weekend
The hatchery at hot creek is pritty cool to walk around and vist plus right up the rd you can fish some monsters in Hot creek just up river of the geological site.
Bot that's another story all together

Got to fish Mammoth creek for a day with a friend of mine.
The water was crystal clear and you could easaly see 14-16 inch rainbows swimming the eddys
My friend in a spinner fisher as with most of the other anglers I incountered. He caught most ofthe fish on the trip. All were rainbow transplants that gobbeled up the salmon eggs he was using as bait.
My friend Johnathons biggest catch a nice 15" rainbow

The conditions were very windy for most of the Afternoon and after loosing a plethera of flies to snags I had just about had enough. After a bit of a break I had another go at it. Like magic this beautiful wild brown came up and took a parachute Adams first cast. Well worth the wait.

this fish is biggest fish I have ben able to net and measure just shy of 13"

I did get a chance to talk to a pair of fly fishers late in the day. They thought I was cane pole fishing. I kinda chuckled and let him check out my Amago for a couple minutes. He really liked it and amost instantly understood the benefits of fishing tenkara on such a small stream.

my new fishing buddy checking out my amago


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Re: Monsters in Mammoth

Postby solocanoe » Thu May 27, 2010 4:37 am

thanks for sharing the beautiful pics, Lightworker!

...and another seed is planted...perhaps another rod bought here by him...thinking it will be a "niche"...and then Tenkara may just take over his life - like it does for a lot of us! :D
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Re: Monsters in Mammoth

Postby rapidan » Thu May 27, 2010 11:01 am

Great photos, I really like the look of that stream.

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Re: Monsters in Mammoth

Postby rvrgzr » Sat May 29, 2010 5:53 pm

Nice photos and I'm glad you all caught some nice fish. You may wish to hold them with a little less gusto, though. Tight squeezing can cause internal damage in a trout. One simple method is to display the fish in the net. You reach under the net and lift the net and fish out of the water for the camera. And a rubber net is easier on the fish. But if you have spinfishers fishing with bait, perhaps it's 'catch and eat' anyway, which would make what I said moot.
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