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Green Drakes

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 8:03 am
by Morgan
I've always wondered how my Ebisu would be in a Green Drake hatch. I've had the good luck to fish the hatch a couple of times in the past week, once with rod & reel, once with tenkara, and tenkara was just fine. The Ebisu wasn't crazy about throwing a bushy fly on a Size 10 2X long, 2X heavy hook, but it got the job done. The fish were brookies, browns and rainbows in the 10-14 inch range, no problem for any tenkara rod. (There are bigger trout in the pool, too.) I did outfish the rod & reel anglers nearby, but that was probably just luck. The water was flat and slow, and good drifts were easy with either kind of tackle. Casting distance was not an issue; the whole pool is knee- to waist-deep, so you can walk to the fish.
However, the same river upstream of this pool is smaller and somewhat swifter. trout hold in challenging lies and rise regularly, but it can be tough to know what they're taking -- no two-inch mayflies up here. They're all wild brookies but they're as fussy as Delaware browns. It's terrific tenkara water.

Re: Green Drakes

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 9:18 am
by rsetina
It sounds like you've got throwing bigger flies down. If you out fished the rod and reel guys it probably wasn't luck, it was being able to present the fly better with the Tenkara rod. On one of our local water trips my wife read the anglers reports they had not slipped into the slot in the side of the box and we had caught 15 fish that day. The closest number to us was 6. I'm being more and more convinced that Tenkara out fishes the competition.

Re: Green Drakes

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 5:03 pm
by rapidan
I love the green drake hatch, awesome fly :)