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First outing with my Amago.... got a couple questions

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 12:13 pm
by bennett
Yesterday was my first time out in Utah with my Amago rod. I fished the Provo river below Deer Creek dam in a rain storm.

I was hesitant to keep the Amago at first because of it's length but it proved to be a good choice for the Provo river IMO an should work equally as well for the smaller streams I like to

I set up a braided 10' tapered leader and a 6-7foot tippet and fished a dual nymph setup. I really enjoyed the feel and the fact I spent a lot more time in the water. I know I'm going to like it.
I had 2 fish that I missed ..... I had forgotten to take my strike indicators and had a hard time seeing strikes. The river was runoff was quite high. I used a lot of weight.

My 2 questions are :

1. when you guys snag up on the bottom how do you get it undone without damaging the rod or sections. I was afraid to pull too hard . I was using a 6x tippet and finally had to go out in the river to unhook by grabbing the leader. I was afraid to put undue pressure on the rod. If I walked backwards with the rod pointing at the snag.. wouldn't that make the sections tighten too much to undo and break down? ( I have read some guys can't get the sections undone)

2. What is the max size tippet diameter/weight ( 6x that came with my rod) where you wont break the tip or upper section when trying to pull out of a snag?


Re: First outing with my Amago.... got a couple questions

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 1:04 pm
by Lightworker
Mr Bennett
Just want to say I love my Amago. It feels really great catching small to medium fish but can handle the monsters with ease.

As far as your ?s
I usually deal with snags by pulling the rog straight with the line like it's one piece. I don't use anything bigger than 6x tippit and if I'm really snagged up I'll collapse the rod and put dye snag by the line.

As far as max tippit 5x


Re: First outing with my Amago.... got a couple questions

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 2:58 pm
by CM_Stewart

When you get snagged up, whether on the bottom or in a tree, if at all possible collapse the rod completely and pull on the line. If you can reach the line by wading, do so. You did exactly the right thing. Do not try to jerk it out. The rods can handle a tremendous bend if it is gradual. Several rods have been broken by a quick jerk against a snag, though.

If you cannot reach the line at all, point the rod directly at the snag and pull straight backwards slowly until the tippet breaks. If you are using the 6x that you got with the rod, or even 5x, it should not jam the sections to the point that they become permanently stuck. (However, doing that does put extra stress on the rod, and if you are having to do it frequently, you might want to use less weight.) I keep a couple short sections of old inner tube with me, and some people have recommended pieces of the thin rubber mats sold as drawer liners (if you get the right kind, you can also make a great floating ant pattern from it as well).

To collapse the rod without breaking it, hold the rod so that your thumb and index finger are about 1/2" above the joint and your other three fingers are below the joint. Your other hand then takes a position just above your first hand, so your two thumbs and forefingers are just touching. Then just squeeze the rod with your thumbs and forefingers so you get a good grip and bend your thumbs. That should pull the next section back far enough to loosen it (it takes no more than 1/4 of movement to loosen the section, so there is no need to ever hold the rod further away from the joint while collapsing it). The tip section sometimes is stuck enough that you need your thumb and first two fingers, but be sure that you don't put any sideways pressure on the tip, and be sure you don't bend the tip when gripping it.

Maximum recommended tippet size is 5x.

Re: First outing with my Amago.... got a couple questions

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 7:41 pm
by bennett
Thanks for the suggestions...

When I snagged up I was out as far as possible with the rod/line. I had to wade as I could not collapse the rod. I use splitshot at the bottom end of the leader in hopes they will pull off if caught up on the bottom. This time it was the flies hooked in some wood debris.

Guess I did the right thing... lightworker..What is this dye snag by the line... you mentioned ..

CM-Stewart... tell me more about the rubber ant material and why you use it?


can't wait to try some dries.... PS it snowed 4" here in Utah Valley this morning.. May 24th
Whats up with that?

Re: First outing with my Amago.... got a couple questions

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 4:03 am
by CM_Stewart

Here is a picture of the rubber drawer liner that you can cut pieces from to help unstick stuck rod sections.


You can also make an extremely simple ant pattern by cutting a piece containing two of the adjacent "bumps" and tieing it to an appropriately sized dry fly hook with a bit of thread and a turn or two of hackle at the midsection. Disclaimer: I haven't used this material myself for either purpose, but I've read write-ups of the ant pattern and because the liner is sold as non-skid, I think it should also work with the rod.

Re: First outing with my Amago.... got a couple questions

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 9:53 am
by solocanoe
Bennett - congrats on your outing - and doing the snag the right way! I'm lucky, so far I've been in the canoe for snags and I just collapsed and paddled over...but I can see your delima, being at the fullest extent of your 'reach'. Good Job! :D

Chris - that's a another great use for that drawer material! thanks! I have used this for some time - got mine at sears to line tool drawers - for my lab(s) to not slip and skid around on the bottom of the canoe. Light, lasts forever, and super sticky - and hey...probably WOULD make great ant flies! :)