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Re: Fishin Michigan

Postby pszy22 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:12 pm

I personally tend to view big rivers as nothing more than a series of smaller streams flowing next to each other. Granted there are some big DEEP rivers that are not going to be particularly well suited for Tenkara, but then again, they may not be be particularly well suited for alot of other fly fishing methods.

The fact that the river is wide, doesn't mean there aren't fish 10 or 20 feet from where you are wading. Quite honestly, I find fish much easier to approach via wading in the water, rather than trying to approach them via the bank in a small creek or stream.

If you have a yen to buy another rod, by all means do so. However, I'd suggest you might want to give the rod you have a try as well.
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