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Tenkara Canoe Trip 4/25/2010

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:12 am
by solocanoe
HI Everyone! Well, we had a complete rain-out this weekend of a travel baseball quit mid-day on Saturday, after a few days of heavy rains. The fields were soaked, the streams blown out, but the lakes should be ok I thought.
Of course, I grabbed the chance to load the canoe last nite and grab the Yamame and really give this "Tenkara from a canoe" a good trial run....

I got on the water about 5:30 - this was dawn - my favorite time to be on the water and check out God's creation. :) :

The wind came up pretty quick (was 26-38 gusting yesterday) so I headed for some coves off the main lake. Think I got this figured out now. Last time I was setting up my drifts for 30-50 foot casts with the western style rod. This time I planned it much better. Using the current and trying to drift with the wind, I just used my double bladed paddle as a steering tool more than anything.

Told you folks early on that I 'borrow stuff', and I employed a kayak fishing technique where you just run the boat right up onto a grass pile or weed-clump. Being stationary made it VERY easy to get pin-point accuracy with the Yamame. I see why Tenkara must be AWESOME when "on foot". I will try that soon enough, I just love to paddle and fish...

The flies I used were Wilson Bully Spiders - sinks about 4-5 inches a second and the arms wave around...very good for what I use it for. I lost one to a snag and one to a fish/turtle/ moved a bit and then cut the 5x tippet... Here's a few bluegill:
now I know these aren't monsters like rvrgzr's...but I had fun.
and another:
and even a little blass that wanted to be on the internet :?
The black dots on the cork handle are 1 inch increments with a sharpie...saves having to mess with a ruler or tape. :roll:

I had about 5 hours on the water, it was a neat trip and I ended happy with the Tenkara set up for canoe fishing. It takes just a bit of trail and error, but no more skill than fly fishing from a canoe...and less actually - no line to monkey with! :lol:
I didn't even take another rod and I never felt like I needed it. I am definitely "hooked" on Tenkara! :P

Re: Tenkara Canoe Trip 4/25/2010

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:43 am
by b_in_az
Sounds like a great trip. Bluegill are my favorite fish on a fly rod, I can't wait to catch one on my tenkara rod.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:12 pm
by rsetina
Nice looking trip solocanoe. I still need to get out and fish for some bluegill Tenkara style. Looks like fun. Great idea using dots on the handle. I was thinking of wrapping thread on the rod so I can measure fish.

Re: Tenkara Canoe Trip 4/25/2010

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:52 pm
by solocanoe
thanks, Rick. I think the dots will hold up, but we will see over time, useage, etc... I've done this on a long handled spinning's lasted 5 years or more now.

b- in - az - do it, man...and then give us a heads up on how you liked it!

Not sure how many I caught this morning...but I cleaned 15 nice-enough-to-clean 'gills....second favorite in our house to crappie. I love how fishing brings families wife called her friend and their crew came over today, they added some hamburgers and was a nice layout.

MMMMmmmmm, I wish I could have shared our early dinner with you guys....
some lemon-pepper grilled bluegill fillets;
and some were fried in a light cornmeal mix;
some wild rice (for me) and some hush puppies and what not for the kids....
even a few ears of corn put on the grill too.
(where's the smiley that's rubbing his tummy? :mrgreen: )

*hope the above doesn't offend anyone (keeping and eating fish) but these aren't wild browns, and they are super prolific fact they'd get bigger biologists say if more folks did keep them. Anyway, you all have a nice nite - I'm just thankful for the day and all the Blessings it had.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:11 pm
by rsetina
Sounds like a good dinner to me. I don't mind guys keeping fish. The corn meal bluegills sound really tasty.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:01 pm
by b_in_az
No offending here. I release wild trout, but have no problem keeping stocked trout once in a while. And only once in a while because I just don't eat a lot of fish. Here in AZ if you don't keep a stocked trout, someone else will keep it or it will die in either the summer or winter depending on what part of the state. Bluegill and crappie are usually kept because they taste so good and like you said it is good for a healthy population.

Re: Tenkara Canoe Trip 4/25/2010

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:02 pm
by jdchaussee
Nice fish! I really like what you did with the black dots on the cork handle! Might steal that idea from you.. ;-)

Re: Tenkara Canoe Trip 4/25/2010

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:48 am
by bjanzen

Great "day" report... Was more than just a fishing trip :lol:

I have been reading your posts here.... I enjoy wade fishing but your canoe adventures make me jealous..... I have been wanting to build a canoe like this for a while. Ordered the plans about a year ago but still haven't tried it yet. Seems like my lower back wouldn't stay seated that long in a canoe....

Good luck learning this Tenkara thing... It is a challenge and rewarding.


Re: Tenkara Canoe Trip 4/25/2010

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:02 am
by solocanoe
jd, borrow away - this forum is for sharing! :) now I don't know how it will hold up, I need to say that again...but we will see..

wow, Barry! that's a nice boat project. I'm just not that patient (or skilled).

I got into a canoe as a child. I bought a few more out of "habit" over the years, never really liked it and always was a pain - literally...then got into Kayak fishing. Changed my world. High back, comfy seats can be added, they sink the butt and lift the thighs to relax the spine....I can spend all day in one with no lower back pain or fatigue.

But, I got tired of missing all the room of an open you can't portage (very well) a best it means a double trip on the portage trail and I am a single-portage-guy on my solo trips.

Again on the "borrowing" thing...I took what I wanted from Kayak fishing (it's really exploding with cool developments) and moved it to the Old Town Pack canoe I've settled on. Drift sock, quick attach anchor trolley, mostly a double bladed paddle, and most important to comfort - a nice high back, comfy seat! :D

I use the "Sit-backer seat" I got from LL Bean and I lowered my canoe seat base with copper tubing and long screws from Lowes. 6" in the front and 7" in the back (approx.) In addtition to MUCH better stability, this gives me the comfy "lounge seat" effect of the best kayak seats and still is adjustable to sit up basically straight, if I need it, with a quick pull on one strap. It's got 2" closed cell padding on the bottom and doubles as a camp chair with quick release straps. Now I have the "space" feeling of an open boat and the comfort of the kayak suspension seats. (Native Kayak's Ulitimate model has this NAILED, btw)

Don't feel the need (much) to kneel and paddle, but when I do I use a single blade and I always have my simple velcro knee pads I wear over my waders (saves the knees- mine and the waders! :roll: )

About an hour on my knees is all I can stand - long enough to paddle thru the mist on a quiet morning and romanticise a bit... - then I creak, groan, snap, crackle, and pop my way back to my camp and have a cup of coffee -- and some pain killers. :lol:

I still think wading is gonna be lots better for Tenkara when I try it...but I'm sort of "all about" my quiet paddles...bluegills mostly, relaxing and taking time out for a twig fire and a coffee break...and the canoe helps me get away from others and be alone a bit.

Even if I run into someone at the put in or boat ramp, I can paddle away after a few the past, its annoyed me a bit to drive 2 hours and then have to wait for water or rotate thru trout pools like a gym vist. I mean gyms are ok, lots of people love 'em...I can do it at times...but mostly I work out at home. I'm not anti-social (completely! 8-) ) but paddling gives me some options.