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Outside Seattle

PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:03 pm
by DavidHE
On a recent trip to Seattle my son and I were able to work in a day of fishing. I contacted a couple members of the forum here who were very gracious and informed me of great fishing locations within an hours drive from where we stayed. We fished the South, and Middle Forks of the Snoqualmie River, as well as a third river/ stream I haven't seen named in any internet posts (so shall keep it that way).


We started at The Stream Which Shall Remain Unnamed. Pictures do not do this area justice. The beautiful, lush Pacific Northwest rain forest offered more shades of green than one could possibly name. The aquamarine/ ice blue water, yet still crystal clear transparent, was interspersed with boulders and rocks. Prime fish lies everywhere. I instantly loved this place. A short hike upstream and we were ready to start fishing.



It wasn't long before I began landing beautiful cutthroats. Ranging in size from very small up to 10". TSWSRU is continuous great trout water. The runs and pockets are broken up by the occasional deep pool. I wish we would've had the time to camp in the area and fish the stream for several days.
Unfortunately my son was having a different experience than myself. While he was seeing fish and getting bites, he was unable to hook any. I suggested he move up stream and try a fresh spot. When collapsing the rod, he dropped the rod plug into a deep dark hole. He tried to recover it to no avail. I reminded him the Sato came with 2 and one was back at the car. I'd rather he fish than waste more time looking for the plug. He'd tried and it was gone. No worries. He moved to his new location, extended his rod and began to fish. He landed his first fish within a few casts and was getting hits on most casts. I gave him some space and made a few casts a little down stream. I looked up his way to see his shoulders slumped over and head down. I could tell something was wrong and quickly made it to his side. He lifted his head, with tears in his eyes. When I asked if he was ok he simply presented the broken rod tip still in his hands. He explained what had happened. While getting unsnagged he hadn't noticed the rod tip slide out. I explained I had brought 3 TUSA rods on our trip because I thought there might be a possibility we would break a rod, so we had a back up. Try as I might, it was a couple hours before I got rod back in his hands. It didn't matter how many times I told him "No big deal, they have a sweet warranty, it'll be taken care of." I fished TSWSRU for about another hour before we moved on. Gabe explored and took lots of pictures.

No more attachments allowed. So I'll post 3 of his pics in another post.

We left TSWSRU and headed to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie river. After a brief lunch we found an area to try. This water was much bigger than TSWSRU and other waters I've fished. The water was a little off color and not so clear as we had seen up the hill. We were able to find some nice runs through boulder fields and quickly get into a few more cutthroats. We fished a couple places on the Middle Fork. With a little more persuading I was able to get my Ito into Gabe's hands and soon he was off catching more fish.

Since we were near the South Fork Snoqualmie we decided to pack it in and head that way. Here the water was more spread out than TSWSRU and smaller than the Middle Fork. We both hooked into the largest fish of the day here, but never landed any. Turns out the Middle Fork trees and submerged wood liked our flies as we lost several here.

We really enjoyed our day fishing in the Seattle area. Hopefully we can plan another trip to the area and allow more time for fishing. I would devote at least one entire day to TSWSRU both to fish, and take more photos. Anglers in the Pacific Northwest have some outstanding tenkara water and I'm glad they were willing to share the locations of those with me. Thank you.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:18 pm
by DavidHE
A few of Gabe's photos



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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:08 am
by adventureR
A great adventure! Thanks for sharing. A great read for my sleepy head. I felt transported along for your trip. Glad you had the back up gear!
BTW love the avatar ;)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:00 am
by Nagasaurus
Nice work taking the time to drive up to TSWSRU--very glad the weather and river flows cooperated! Pretty sure I know which bridge you were standing on to take that first picture...

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:42 am
by TJ @ Tenkara USA
Um wow! I need to fish there. Such cool looking waters. Glad you had a great time.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:19 pm
by DavidHE
Thanks guys.

adventureR- I'm not a big fan of graffiti, but the "fish rock" on a high mountain pass in the area has been there as long as I can remember. I like it too.

nagasaurus- I'm sure you know the bridge! I hope you get a chance to make it up there. I look forward to any reports and pics you post of the area. TSWSRU is way up on my cool places to fish list.

TJ- Big rocks and slow eddies all over the place! We could've fished side by side all day!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:29 pm
by TJ @ Tenkara USA
DavidHE wrote:
TJ- Big rocks and slow eddies all over the place! We could've fished side by side all day!

And I know how much you love big rocks like west walker. :D

Really cool.


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:50 pm
by mikeywill

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:25 pm
by jd_smith
Wow, David I am jealous. Looks like some great water to spend many days adventuring. Its good you were able to get a rod back into your son's hands. Next time he's feeling bad about a broken rod just tell him" don't worry about it son You got a guy for that" haha.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:53 pm
I'm heading to Seattle tomorrow and hope to get out to fish with my son who lives there. Are the Middle and South forks still a good place to start???
Thanks and tight lines!!