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My birthday is coming up soon, Daniel....

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:10 am
by rvrgzr
Good news to hear about the new backpacker's light Hane rod. Glad to see Tenkara is giving the fisherman another choice.
I turn 67 next month and would love to have a Tenkara rod capable of handling 3x tippet, while I'm still able to stumble down to the creek. Many ponds, lakes, streams and rivers have LARGE fish in them, and I don't like breaking off fish. We won't go into how many times the 5x has popped with a nice fish. And we won't make mention of the necessity to replace the top 2 sections of my Yamame when I tried 4x.
It won't be necessary to gift wrap--though that would be a nice touch--the 'new more powerful' rod, but I would appreciate having the FedEx or UPS guy sing "Happy Birthday" when he rings the doorbell.

Thanks, Daniel.

Little Bobby