"Rolling Fish" or L.D.R.

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"Rolling Fish" or L.D.R.

Postby mcpenttila » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:16 pm

I've been busy playing with my Iwana 12' rod, and over the summer I picked up the Moffit Angling System, which I would deem to be snagging rather than actually legitimately hooking a fish. But I did find a neat thing. If I took one of the hookless flies, tied it on the end of a short piece of tippet and attached it to my Tenkara line, I could cast to bluegills, sunfish, small bass, etc, and they would grab on, fight a little (some would clamp on like a pitbull to a steak), and either open their mouth and let go of the fly either long distance or when they realized they were headed out over the water.

A guide used the term rolling, I like it, as I'm in it more for the hookup and fight, and if the fish tires of it, he can let go without having a hole in the mouth or jaw.

I do get a bit of L.D.R. (long distance release) but it's rather fun and challenging at times, sort of a my will against the fish as to how close the fish will get with a hookless fly in it's mouth.
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Re: "Rolling Fish" or L.D.R.

Postby rsetina » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:31 pm

That sounds like fun. It would be interesting to just see how long a fish will hang on to something it thinks of as food, when the food is fighting back.

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Re: "Rolling Fish" or L.D.R.

Postby Morgan » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:35 pm

There was a mini-trend a few years ago called bump-and-run fishing -- essentially fishing dry flies with no hook. If you got a fish to rise, you won. I can see the appeal. For me, fighting the fish is only one-third of the fun of fishing. Another third is tricking the fish into biting, and the final third is the overall experience of being on the stream and the planning and anticipation of going.
I'm not sure I'd call the Moffitt system snagging. It doesn't work unless the fish bites your fly. I've never tried the Moffitt system, but I have seen an awful lot of snagging on the Great Lakes tribs (and the ocean beach). Whether the fish bites makes all the difference to me.
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