Sometimes magic works

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Sometimes magic works

Postby CM_Stewart » Mon May 04, 2009 6:44 am

So I was fishing my favorite stream (upper West Branch of the Croton, just north of New York City) and realized that an angler walking in on the streamside trail had stopped to watch me. When I looked up he asked me how I was doing, and instead of my normal response, "Oh, got a couple" I said I was having a pretty good day and waded over to talk to him. He saw the length of my rod and the green bands and asked if I had built it. I said no, it's a tenkara rod. It's telescopic and the end of each section has a band like that. He said he'd never heard of tenkara so I gave him the 30 second description of the history and the equipment and some of the advantages and disadvantages relative to normal fly fishing gear. He asked me if I only fish dry flies (I had on a CDC & Elk at the time) or if I fished nymphs, too. I said it's great for nymphs, because you can control the drift much better than with a shorter rod (he was carrying what looked like a 7 footer), and with dries the long rod and short line let you fish an eddy on the far side of a current tongue and not have the current drag the line and the fly out of the eddy. So I demonstrated. Just a light flick of the wrist to send the line out, rod tip high and arm extended, only the fly and about a foot of tippet settle onto the water, with the fly in the eddy just on the other side of the current seam. The fly sits there for about three or four seconds and then BAM a small wild brownie smashes it. He was only about six inches long, but still, I love it when things work just like they're supposed to (especially when you are trying to demonstrate something). Turned out it was the last fish of the day, and the smallest, too (total of 13, ranging from 6 to 13 inches).
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Re: Sometimes magic works

Postby rsetina » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:29 pm

Good job Chris. Education stream side and the students even participated.

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