Is Conservation Just Not Cool Enough?

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Is Conservation Just Not Cool Enough?

Postby jasonkonopinski » Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:36 am

Something I've been thinking about this morning.

I've been fly fishing for 15 years here in PA (plus some time in VA), fishing many of the famed creeks in the middle part of the state including the LeTort, Falling Springs and the Yellow Breeches. In VA, virtually all my trout fishing was inside the SNP.

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my early mentors in the sport about the culture of conservation that is so intrinsic to the fabric of fly fishing, at least here in Pennsylvania. When I speak with new anglers, they seem less interested in actively supporting conservation organizations, specifically American Rivers and Trout Unlimited, and just want to catch fish. With a few notable exceptions, most of the big players in rods and tackle don't put conservation efforts front and center.

What's changed? Has it changed?
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Re: Is Conservation Just Not Cool Enough?

Postby tsegelke » Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:35 pm

Here is my un educated opinion.

Too many of the "Conservation Groups" have gone too radical.

Sierra Club, PETA, etc. had some members get so caught up in the extreme ends of the spectrum, that they alienated those who truly valued nature and it's balance. The result was the alienation and revulsion of the sportsmen and sportswomen who truly value and spend their time in the wild and precious resources of our land.

Unfortunately the few groups that have lost their sight of their own mission statements (my opinion), have been able to keep themselves in the forefront of the media. Resulting in true conservation groups, being lumped in with the radical groups. Therefore making it hard for companies to openly support conservation groups, without alienating the very customers they are trying to serve.

I support cleanup, conservation, and preservation. As I believe all sportsmen do. Unfortunately, I do not feel like it is the most popular social media, or political stance to take.

There is a HUGE number of groups, programs, individuals, companies and organizations working to save and preserve the wilderness. I hope the tide will soon turn to be able to celebrate them as the heroes they are.
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